Engineered Hermetic Seals and Connectors for Wire and Cable

When you need to bring power or signal into a pressure vessel or vacuum system, we can help. Our hermetically sealed wire feedthroughs and hermetic bulkhead connectors can be quickly and cost-effectively customized for any wire, cable, connector or fiber optic sealing application.

Hermetic Sealing Technologies


DuctorSeal® Hermetic Wire Feedthroughs

Permanently sealed with rugged epoxies, hermetic wire feedthroughs offer an economical way to pass conductors into pressure or vacuum chambers.

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PotCon® Sealed Bulkhead Connectors

Nearly any type of connector can be permanently sealed with epoxy—including Mil-C, circular plastic, sub-D, coaxial, waterproof, thermocouple, high-current and high-voltage connectors.

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Explosion Proof Assemblies

When carefully designed and manufactured, hermetically sealed feedthroughs and connectors can meet primary and secondary explosion proof ratings in accordance with UL, FM, IECEx, CSA and ATEX requirements.

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StudSeal Hermetic Motor Terminals

Apply true hermetic seals to a variety of motor terminals, including high-current, high-voltage and extreme temperature applications.


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Get Feedthrough Pricing

Use our new online tool to configure and request a quote for wire feedthroughs and PotCon connectors.

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White Papers

When Wire Feedthroughs Make Sense

Engineers who work with pressure and vacuum chambers usually reach for off-the-shelf sealed bulkhead connectors when they need to pass power and signal wires through the chamber wall. And while these connectors may seem like the best or only way to breach the chamber walls, they can actually drive cost, impose unnecessary mechanical design constraints and trigger electrical problems. So what’s the alternative? Wire feedthroughs hermetically sealed with epoxy.

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Hermetic Sealing Technology

Read about news, technical breakthroughs and design best practices related to hermetically sealed wire feedthroughs and hermetic connectors.

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Certifications and Standards

We comply with a wide range of military, aerospace, medical and industrial technical standards.

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Hermetic wire feedthroughs and hermetically sealed connectors are well known in space simulation and military applications, but they also include:

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